80% of APU Students scored 5/5 on AP Exam

Every summer, APU students register to sit on AP Exams. This year, 80% of APU students who took the exam scored the maximum of 5/5 while only 37% of students globally reach that score. There are total of 7574 students in the world who took the AP exam this year.

The College Board's Advanced Placement courses are college-level classes in more than 30 subjects that students can take while still in high school.

Students opting for AP courses are required to take the exam for that course. Through college-level AP courses, students have the opportunity to earn credit or advanced standing at most colleges and universities.  Individual colleges and universities set their own admission requirements and determine if they wish to recognize AP courses as substitute for similar courses offered in their own university.

Calvin Nguyen - who scored 5/5 on AP Calculus Exam

Peter Trinh Ngoc Hieu who scored 5/5 on AP Calculus Exam.


Students can get a lot of benefits when they take part in AP Courses and AP Exams

1.Students can stand out in college admissions. When admissions officers see “AP” on your transcript, they have a good understanding of what you experienced in a particular class and how well it prepared you for the increased challenges of college.

2.By making it through an AP course and scoring successfully on the related AP Exam, Students can earn college credits while in high school and save on college expenses

3.Student can save time while they are in college as they can Skip Introductory Classes and move directly into upper-level classes or pursue a second major or minor

Hoang Hien Trang - who scored 5/5 on AP Calculus Exam.

Nguyen Minh Kiet who scored 5/5 on AP Calculus Exam

Nguyen Van Trieu Vy scored 4/5 on AP Calculus Exam



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