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Student Information

Family Name

First Name

Middle Name:

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Date of birth:


What country do you most affiliate or identify with?

Name and age of any siblings attending APU

Home address


Family Information

Father's Name

Father's Occupation

Father's Telephone

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Mother's Name

Mother's Occupation

Mother's Telephone

Mother's Email

Student lives with:

Language Background

Native Language

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Parent Employment Information

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Tuition will be paid by:

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Academic Information

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To help us in your academic planning, please fill out the following information:

At what age did the child start formal schooling?

School Name

Language of Instructions


Date Started

Date Exited


What month did the academic year begin?

School 2:

School Name

Language of Instruction


Date Started

Date Exited


What month did the academic year begin?

Academic History

Indicate the last grade/class completed in full

Date of completion

Please list the child’s particular interests/talents, or school activities in which they have been involved?

Has the child ever been suspended or requested to withdraw from a school?

What is the child's English Proficiency?

Has the child’s educational programme ever been modified for any of the following reasons?

If the child currently receives any special educational assistance, please explain here.

Has the child ever been tested or received support from a Learning Specialist, Psychologist or Counselor? If yes, please explain.

Does the child have any medical or physical disabilities? If yes, please explain here.

How did you hear about us?

How did you hear about APU?

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