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Ho Hoang Duy, graduating from APU as a valedictorian in 2014, received a full scholarship from the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) majoring in Computer Science. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree with an impressive GPA of 3.91 / 4.00 along with his significant contributions and his active participation in the UMKC student community , Duy was awarded the Dean’s International Scholar Award (DISA) scholarship by UMKC throughout the master’s degree program. Duy continued to leave a highlight for this journey by winning the 1st Prize of the UMKC’s Hack-A-Roo coding competition in 2019, which is one of the precious opportunities that led Duy to pursue the Ph.D. degree in Artificial Intelligence at UMKC, and Duy is planning to conquer the highest degree of the most challenging disciplines in the future.

This field, perhaps for Duy, is a penchant, because Artificial Intelligence requires a firm background in Computer Science. Duy was initially an active member of the university’s Distributed Intelligent Computing Association (UDICA). After graduating with the bachelor’s degree at UMKC, Duy was also invited to stay as a teaching assistant during his master’s degree program. Upon graduation at UMKC in 2018, Duy was among the exceptional students who received both the “Summa Cum Laude” Latin Honor and “UMKC’s Honors Graduate” from the UMKC Honors College.

For Duy, this journey of conquering this peak of knowledge is not really programmed by any computer scientist as everything occurred to Duy naturally, as if there was a path where as long as he can just keep walking and living with all his faith at the moment, the future would be promising. Duy’s future is an answer to what he has done in the past, just like how he decided to join the UMKC Student Council to give his students a stronger voice and how Duy became a writing consultant to help other students out from 2016-2019 which in turn helped him deepen and expand his knowledge. There is yet another good news to share: once again, Duy recently received the 1st Prize of the UMKC’s Hack-A-Roo coding competition in November 2020.

Duy once shared “These achievements, titles and awards are the biggest motivation for me to try even harder and hone my skills to the highest level. I have always tried my best not only by maintaining and improving my grades, but also by advancing my abilities. When I was admitted into the Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Computer Science in the Fall of 2019, I was extremely grateful to Dr. Kevin Truman (*) and Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh (**), who have constantly supported and guided Duy since the beginning.” Indeed, he has continuously dedicated himself to the university, the sole environment that has been granting him learning opportunities and realizing his dreams.

When asked about his high school in Vietnam, Duy put it proudly: “My biggest fortune at APU is that I had an early access to the American education, and that studying with native teachers had helped me overcome the major obstacles and smoothly familiarize myself with the foreign cultures. APU has helped me discover and given me confidence in my own abilities.” APU International School congratulates Ho Hoang Duy on his achievements as we firmly believe that Duy’s future path will extend even further! Duy is the representative of the renowned APU’s mighty eagle, always keeping the warrior spirit in order to overcome barriers, conquer challenges, and triumph!

(*) Vice Provost of the International Initiatives and Dean of the School of Computing and Engineering, University of Missouri-Kansas City

(**) Founder and CEO of APU – American International School

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