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Student Programs

Our campus community presents a variety of student engagement opportunities in Vietnam and abroad.

Cultural Exchange

APU frequently hosts cultural exchange programs with institutions in the United States. APU students and faculty have the opportunity to meet, learn from, and exchange cultural knowledge with American and other international students.

Email us to find out about upcoming events.

US Study Tour

Each summer, APU organizes a tour of the United States for a limited number of participants. This tour provides students with first-hand experience of American culture and the education system.

Contact us early to secure a place on the next trip.

Vietnam Study Tour

APU International School periodically offers a special topic course on the history and culture of Vietnam. Students and faculty from both the United States and Vietnam traverse the country from South to North on a two-week immersion program for hands-on interaction with course topics. Students will gain knowledge of and appreciation for the culture, language and history of Vietnam. The tour covers key sites and landmarks within Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An, Ha Long Bay and Hanoi.

Email us to find out about upcoming events.


APU is an outstanding destination for undergraduate and graduate students from the US to pursue internships, as well as research and student teaching opportunities. Over the past decade, APU has hosted dozens of US university studentsas student teachers, researchers, counselors and in exchange programs. Some of these positions come with a modest stipend, accommodation and an opportunity to learn the language and culture of Vietnam, all under the guidance of APU and its affiliates.

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