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APU American International School Tet Fair 2020: A Festival of Joy & Diversity.

22/01/2020 2776

On January 15th & 16th, APU Danang & HCMC have respectively organized their traditional Tet Fair to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year and honored on of Vietnamese’s most important traditions.  

On both campuses, the festivals were filled with colors, joy, and diversity. Not only did Vietnamese students rock the Fair, but students from all parts of the world also brought to the event their own cultural touch. Traditional costumes from different countries, such as Ao dai, Hanbok or Kimono were showcased by students with their utmost pride. Some students even brought traditional Lunar New Year food to share with friends and teachers.  

“I always look forward to Tet Fair because it is always so colorful. Looking at students dressing up in traditional clothes, sharing foods & stories about how they celebrate Lunar New Year in their motherland is such experience that made me enjoy working in this international environment.” Ms. Cam Chi, APU staff shared her excitement and pride towards the event. 


Not only did the Fairs were filled with booths selling various items, there many exciting traditional games organized by students such as tug-of-war, dap nieu, calligraphy and even traditional fortune-telling. The atmosphere at the two campuses was heated by spectacular performances from students & teachers. Some were traditional and tender, some were modern and funky; all of those performances truly highlighted the spirit of Tet Fair, in which diversity is celebrated while the traditional culture of Vietnam is closely embraced. 


As Tet Fair ended, it is also the time for students to enjoy their last few days at school before a long 2-week holiday. APU International School family would like to take this opportunity to send the teachers, staff, students & their families wishes of health & happiness for the upcoming Year of Rat 2020.  

Happy Lunar New Year!