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22/07/2019 854

APU International School is the first international school founded in HCMC in 2004. By 2015, APU had established the APU American International School in Da Nang. At APU, all teaching programs are prepared entirely in English, following the standard curriculum licensed by the US Department of Education along with Common Core – a set of high-quality academic standards applied in most states across America.

APU’s program is a special system that connects with reputable universities worldwide. Here, students will be given the opportunity to develop essential knowledge and skills from kindergarten to 12th grade. After high school graduation, they will be ready to succeed at their university and have a promising career in the future.

High school students at APU are encouraged to follow special programs exclusively designed by the school, such as the College Bridge Program (APU connects with prestigious American universities) which includes Global Freshman Academy and Dual Enrollment Program. With this College Bridge Program, APU’s students will receive maximum benefits, including report cards that consist of college credit from reputable American universities while they are finishing high school at APU. They can shorten their university study time by 2 years and can easily gain access to scholarships from top universities, not only in America, but all over the world. This is a particular advantage of APU students.

Each year, over 90% of APU graduates receive a total scholarship value of 4 million USD which offer them direct admission to notable American universities without the need of TOEFL, IELTS or SAT test scores. At the moment, many APU students go on to study at prominent universities in America and other advanced countries. More than 3,000 students have been transferred to American universities thanks to APU and their support from 2004 until now.