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25/02/2023 675

It is truly amazing to see how art can bring people together and showcase the strength of a community.

At APU, we always strive to bring the best to both students and teachers. 

Lately, our students and teachers have had a wonderful time immersing themselves in a variety of art-related activities. At the start of International Art Week, all APUers were blown away by incredible musical performances by the Band and Ukulele Club. Film Showing was also an activity that was favored by countless Eagles because of its great source of information and amusement. Students were able to enjoy themselves while learning passively through notable movies around the World. While some participants were fascinated by the Poetry Reading activity, in which they could read and learn about the world’s well-known poets, others adored the Spoken Word Workshop, where they were able to perform their favorite poem pieces.



Throughout these activities, students were able to have fun while also engaging in the knowledge of music, film, and literature. The APU International Art Week is not yet over, keep scrolling now!!!!


On the last day of this wonderful art-themed week, our young “Eagles" have had a chance to open their eyes thanks to countless sculptures that were created by their peers, teachers, and staff when visiting the APU art exhibition. Our Eagles were requiring them to put their handmade jigsaws together in order to complete the art pieces, which encouraged students to unleash their creativity while also engaging their teamwork skills.




Each artwork revealed the disparity of every individual, from their cultures, backgrounds, and identities. For instance, while some students were interested in drawing about the usual things on a daily basis like a motorbike, a fishball cart, or a cake stand, the Ukraine youngsters reflected the chaos and uncertainty inspiring their creativity and resilience through their heart-touching artwork called "Home." which depict the beauty and culture of Ukraine.

It is truly amazing to see how art can bring people together and showcase the strength of a community.