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APU Students at STEMCON Vietnam 2019

22/04/2019 2967

On March 14 and 15, our students from APU, Ho Chi Minh joined the ranks of the world’s top educators and innovators in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). Amid important discussion about the present and future of STEM education, our students took to the floor to showcase their own contributions to science in the form of four brilliantly executed experiments.

The work of these students is emblematic of APU’s strong foundation in project-based education. They are addressing some of the world’s most pressing issues including crop yields, biodegradable plastics, natural fertilizers, and antibiotic resistance. The students took the stage on Friday to present their findings to the conference, and discussed the challenges and triumphs of their scientific process. Their presentations were an excellent demonstration of how APU’s education standard helps to build a creative, inquisitive, and talented work force. Students demonstrated their ability to collaborate, to design their own experiments, and to critically analyze and build off of their own results. We can’t wait to see where these students go next as the next world leaders in STEM education.

APU has a strong history of graduating students that go on to great success in STEM fields. Thanks to APU’s partnership with a range of prestigious American universities, graduates get an education on par with American standards, and in many cases pursue higher education opportunities in the United States and across the globe. K-12 Teachers at APU know that the best way to teach the next generations is to move past the outdated methods of lecturing and memorization for favor of interactive, project-based learning that encourages students to think creatively, collaborate, and develop real-world skills that will aid them in their careers and University studies.

We are very proud of our hard working students and teachers here at APU, who continue to be at the forefront of STEM Education in Southeast Asia.