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15/07/2020 863

Along with a standard American curriculum, APU’s teachers always update their teaching methods to meet the needs of our students. Project-based and blended-learning are employed in many classes to ensure students’ understanding and mastery of the materials. Our teaching approaches align closely

With those objectives in mind, APU emphasizes the importance of STEM education from elementary to high school. This style of educational trend that combines science, technology, engineering and mathematics is very popular in many developed countries, especially in the United States.

Through the STEM program, teachers actively assign students to practical projects rather than mere boring theoretical exercises. In other words, this creative education method allows students to play the roles of inventors doing scientific research. Students can freely choose their own project by consulting with their teachers, then work on their projects within 2 – 3 months until they’ve finished. Some APU students’ innovative projects have even been chosen to attend STEMCON 2019. This is a series of STEM conferences and exhibitions that attracts representatives from over 37 universities and colleges alongside scientific and educational institutions from 6 countries in the world.

The outstanding student projects at APU International School include research on the impact of LED light on the development of trees in comparison to natural light; creating environmentally friendly pesticides; or the project that compared the effectiveness of antibiotics extracted from medicinal herbs, and so much more. Additionally, functional rooms such as laboratories, music rooms, art rooms, libraries, computer labs and conference rooms are all furnished with modern equipment to help students easily deploy STEM projects and implement other ideas in the learning process.