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01/05/2019 258

On May 22nd at the Opera House in Ho Chi Minh City, the APU American International School held a graduation ceremony for 70 students who completed high school. They have achieved outstanding academic accomplishments and earned a scholarship with a total value of more than 4 million USD (equivalent to about 90 billion VND).

The school board also shares the same goal in assisting students in receiving the most beneficial advantages after graduation. For example, the American University in Vietnam (AUV) announced to award scholarships to 100% of graduates at APU depend on the level of students’ achievements. This scholarship helps them to have the best financial support when they complete their bachelor’s degree program at AUV and continue to study in prestigious universities to obtain Master’s and Doctoral degree. Alternatively, students can choose to attend the first two years at AUV and then transfer to other US universities to complete a bachelor’s degree or a higher education program.

In school year 2018-2019, more than a quarter of 70 graduates had finished their high school program a year early. Specially, Dang Hoang Quan, a student from APU – American International School Da Nang campus completed his high school curriculum at the end of grade 10. This excellent achievement is resulted from the Fast-track Program at APU

Dr. Ha Huu Phuc (Chief and Director of the Representative Office of Ministry of Education and Training in Ho Chi Minh City) shared that APU students get the chance to develop in a perfect educational environment. APU has accompanied, and shared with not just the government but also with the Ministry of Education – Training on the new and advanced strategies to adjust the educational training program.

“APU alumni today have doctorates and masters in the United States with various professions such as pharmacy, dentistry, science and technology, computer science; furthermore, many had established their own startup companies in the US… This result is thanks to the students who possessed a high standard of education and level of skills to help them easily integrate during their time in international university environments all over the world,” he said.

At the ceremony, the Chairman of the Education Council – Dr. Binh Tran Thy Nguyen sent her best wishes to the graduates, hoping that they will continue to strive and achieve great success in the future.

Note: 100% APU graduates received valuable scholarships from prestigious university in the United States including Arizona State University, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Missouri-Kansas City, New York University, University of San Francisco, Oregon State University, Drexel University, Central Washington University, University of Minnesota, University of Denver, Penn State University, The University of British Columbia, Tufts University and many more. This is a golden opportunity for our students to study at well-renowned universities after graduating from APU International School System.