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Parent Testimonials

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Thu Hien

26/06/2024 66

Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Thu Hien - a parent of two APU students. Her older daughter, Luu Anna, has just graduated with honors and achieved the highest distinction - APU Valedictorian for the Class of 2024.

“I have two children studying at APU School, Ho Chi Minh City branch. My older daughter is Luu Anna, who is currently a 12th-grade student and is graduating today... Today, Luu Anna, my daughter, is graduating with the Valedictorian title, and I am very emotional..."

🌼 With pride, Mrs. Nguyen Ngoc Thu Hien - a parent of two APU students - shared her thoughts and feelings about her daughter's educational journey at APU American International Schools. Her older daughter, Luu Anna, has just graduated with honors and achieved the highest distinction - APU Valedictorian for the Class of 2024. This is a well-deserved result for Anna's efforts and her family's trust in the school.

💭 As an experienced educator, Mrs. Hien understands the importance of a quality learning environment for her children. After carefully researching many schools, APU won her over with its strengths such as: American-standard teaching methods - a launchpad for children to become global citizens; A curriculum that focuses on holistic development to help children develop not only knowledge but also life skills and character; A network of reputable partners that support children in transitioning to study abroad easily and successfully at prestigious universities around the world.

🥇️ Throughout her years at APU, Luu Anna has continuously strived to study and participate in extracurricular activities, developing herself. As a result, her daughter has achieved many outstanding achievements and reaped the sweet fruits today.

🏆 Overwhelmed with joy as her daughter achieved the Valedictorian title, Mrs. Hien expressed her deep gratitude to Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh - founder and superintendent of APU American International Schools and the dedicated APU teachers: "I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Binh and all the doctors, teachers, and lecturers of the school." "When Anna presented to her parents after finishing 12th grade, she would go to study abroad. I think that with Dr. Binh's careful guidance and her arrangements, my daughter can study abroad at a prestigious school that she loves very much."

🏫 In addition, Mrs. Hien also had many compliments for the American University in Vietnam - AUV: "...the first time I visited the school's branch in Danang and AUV University. Not only surprised but I was also touched by Dr. Binh's enthusiasm and dedication to the cause of education. And I also hope that this large-scale development will help students after 12th grade to have a clearer direction. Not only going abroad, students can also study at universities in Vietnam with American programs via AUV"

🍀 With absolute faith in APU, Mrs. Hien did not hesitate to share her experience for parents whose children have and will choose APU school to pursue their studies: "At APU School Ho Chi Minh City, I have many friends, whose children have graduated from 12th grade. In Da Nang, there are many friends whose children study here, so I think many parents are interested in the school's teaching methods, as well as trust like our family puts our trust in the school. And today, my child has achieved very good results. I hope that many parents today are sharing the joy with their children, and in the coming days, many other parents will feel very happy to put their trust in the school."

❤️ Thank you, Mrs. Thu Hien, for sending APU the most sincere words on Luu Anna's graduation day at APU American International Schools. APU will always cherish all the affection that parents have for the school, this is the motivation for the school to always strive more to bring the best educational achievements.