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Housing & Dormitory

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APU Dormitory


APU International School offers a boarding program for students who either do not live in Ho Chi Minh City or students who want to participate in the boarding school experience. Our dormitory facilities are located within five minutes walking distance from the school campus. Many senior staff members are appointed as dorm parents, and dormitory students also have a big brother or big sister that is appointed by the school. The dorm parents take quasi-parental responsibility for students in the house at all times, particularly outside school hours. All dorms have a lounge and kitchen area for students to socialize, do homework or make snacks. Each dorm bedroom houses either one or two borders. Each bedroom is furnished with queen sized beds, dressers, wardrobes, end tables and desks. The APU Student Life team works hard to make each dorm feel homey, secure and comfortable for our students.


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