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11/03/2023 857

“We Share, We Care” - A desire to share love.

Congratulations to our students for the great success of the charity program “We Care, We Share” taking place at Ating Primary School in Quang Nam province.



“We Care, We Share” has been a long-lasting tradition at APU American International School with a desire to spread love and care. And this year, after a series of fundraising activities including selling handmade products and sports competition, the Student Council has brought about a rewarding event to provide underprivileged children at Ating with not just basic goods but also happiness and joy. With great effort and hard work, our small actions have turned into a positive impact on our community.

A thank you is not enough for the great support of APU Community along with their families for the event “We Care, We Share". We really express a sincere appreciation for your heart that helped our students have enough funds to make the success of their charity trip.


Always feel grateful for what we have and enjoy every moment of life!!!