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30/08/2018 930

At APU International Elementary School (APU), we are committed to our belief in the critical role that imagination plays in the intellectual development of children. We believe that cultivating the imagination results in highly creative as well as analytical minds.

The goal of APU is to provide our students with opportunities to develop different forms of intelligence. At our school, we encourage many kinds learning styles: kinesthetic and intuitive styles in addition to conventional linguistic and logical-mathematical styles.

The APU International Elementary School curriculum has been designed to appeal to all facets of the child’s developing intellect, with positive reinforcement to foster a love for the pursuit of knowledge and a strong sense of self-confidence in the child.

The curriculum is based on the individual capacity of each child and is geared towards the level of the child’s competence and mastery. As such, students work through blocks of lessons throughout the academic year.

Students complete as many of the topics in each block of lessons as they are capable of accomplishing, beginning with the block appropriate to their level of reading comprehension. We guide all students’ progress through the curriculum to allow them to learn at a pace comfortable to them, while ensuring the on-time completion of the program.

The school day begins with scholastic work in the morning and concludes with group activities in the afternoon