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Alumni Success Story


06/07/2023 1386


Dean John started studying at APU in a preschool. That may be why the American culture at APU runs through his veins. Hardworking and intelligent, Dean actively participated in all APU's extracurricular activities during his school days, especially in his final year. He has completed leading the Egals here at APU by becoming the APU HCM Student Council President for the class of 2022. Despite being busy, Dean still follows the academic plan that APU sets up specifically for him, intending to graduate one year early (*). Meeting the teacher's expectations, plus outstanding efforts, Dean has achieved the goal of early graduation and was honored as the valedictorian of the APU HCM class of 2022 with total scholarships up to 698,400 USD.



Having an ambitious spirit brewing in him and the desire to study his favorite major, Dean uses one gap year to strengthen his profile. Dean has interned at APU, successfully organizing the first APUMUN in 2022, and co-organized the TOMUN at Tran Dai Nghia School.

The result of those relentless efforts is a long list of invitations to admission and presidential scholarships from leading prestigious universities in the United States. Receiving from Denison University with a scholarship of 114,400 for four years, DePaul University 96,000 for four years, and Loyola University Chicago 100,000 for four years, that honor continues to grow as Dean continues to receive offers from Purdue University, The Ohio State University, University of Minnesota - Twin Cities, University of Oregon, etc. are all TOP ranking universities in the US.

Dean desires to become a psychologist to remove the mental entanglements of people in this increasingly complex society. The road to the finish line is still far, but APU believes in Dean. Wishing Dean success, the APU family will always follow you because "No matter where, no matter when, as long as you need to contact me for help, I will always be here for you. Just a phone call away from you", that's what Dr. Binh, CEO and founder of APU Education Development Corporation always remind students right at the graduation ceremony. Remember, no matter where you are, you are always an APU's eagle, consistently strong to face all difficulties to move forward. 

👍 (*) Among 155 graduates across the APU system in the class of 2022, 62 graduate students are grade 11 students graduating early and achieving very high GPAs, especially this year; two early graduate valedictorians of APU class 2022, John Dean Behzad (APU HCM) received 698,400 USD scholarships, and Nguyen Duc Nhat Nam (APU Da Nang) received 758,000 USD scholarships from prestigious US universities thus shown that APU provides a standard education system that not only helps students shorten learning time, but also ensures that they acquire knowledge firmly, and confidently on par with international students.