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Alumni Success Story

Duong Ngoc Bao Chau - Katherrine

27/10/2022 1679



Overcoming thousands of applicants from all around the world, our APU Alumni Duong Ngoc Bao Chau - Katherine has been accepted to the University of Sydney, a world-renowned university that is top 2 University in Australia with a 20% scholarship to study the Bachelor of Science (Medical Science) and invitation to Dalyell Scholars, a program of University of Sydney providing high-achieving students with enrichment opportunities for further academic development. An applause for this talented young girl!!

Katherine graduated early thanks to the credit accumulation as well as CBP program and became one of the Salutatorians of the Class of 2022 with impressive academic achievement such as maximum GPA and perfect scores for AP Science courses. Although being waived for IELTS & SAT from all well-known universities including University of Sydney thanks to the advantage of studying an American curriculum at APU, Bao Chau decided to challenge herself and got a surprising result of 8.5 overall with 9.0 in Listening and Reading. In addition, Bao Chau has received valuable scholarships from prestigious universities both in the USA and in Australia, and she decided to choose the University of Sydney to study a Bachelor of Science.

Answering our interview, Katherine said “I have been really passionate about pursuing a medical career pathway since a young age, and studying at APU really prepares me well for such a challenging future. My academic result is not only because of my hard work but also thanks to the English learning environment at APU and dedicated help from the APU teachers. Thank you Dr. Thy Binh and APU American International School for delivering an American standard education to Vietnamese students and opening new future doors for us.”

Congratulations Duong Ngoc Bao Chau and APU hopes that she will have a successful medical career in the future.