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Alumni Success Story

APU Alumni Ho Hoang Phuc

18/10/2022 613


Ho Hoang Phuc (Tin), our APU International School 2013 Valedictorian has recently been chosen as one of the winners for Ink Magazine Kansas’ 30 Under 30 for his achievement as a young entrepreneur.

After graduating at APU, Tin went on to University of Missouri - Kansas City with a full scholarship. At UMKC, Tin started 3 tech start-ups himself and these achievements got him many awards, including the UMKC 2016 Entrepreneur of the Year and the Ink Magazine’s 30 Under 30.

Talking about APU and the role it played in his journey to success, Tin shared that APU was his best ‘pathway to America’. Graduating with the highest score from APU granted him his 100% scholarship at UMKC. Besides, the American-standard education he got at APU helped him adapt into his new life in Kansas very quickly. "There was nearly no ‘cultural shock’; I just fitted right into the new environment. It’s because I have been prepared very well at APU," Tin said.

Congratulations to Tin for his amazing achievements! We, APU, are proud of you!