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Alumni Success Story

Ho Hoang Phuong Uyen

29/04/2022 832


In addition to Roger Williams University, Uyen Ho also received offers of admission and scholarships from many prestigious US universities such as Florida Institute of Technology (FIT), The University of Iowa, University of Denver, Truman State University…

Uyen Ho has been studying the US international education program at APU for four years, hse shared, “APU provides an exceptionally comfortable learning environment which is significantly different from the previous school I studied. At APU, I have the freedom to develop, explore my strengths, and practice the necessary skills. I do not have to take extra courses or move from one institution to another institution outside the school. I think the curriculum at APU is very comprehensive, helping students develop holistically, independently, creatively, and confidently.”

Despite having two brothers who are both APU’s outstanding alumni and Valedictorians of Class of 2013 (Ho Hoang Phuc) and 2014 (Ho Hoang Duy), her family does not put any stress on her. She shared, “I don’t feel any pressure at all, my brothers are very good and successful, yet their achievements are my motivations for striving and studying harder and better.”

In this senior year, besides being a key member of the Music Club, Uyen is also the Vice President of the Student Council 2020, an organization where the members are the representatives of the student body and selected through a schoolwide election, and where students can practice their leadership skills, teamwork skills in the most practical way.

When asked about her most memorable moment at APU, she recalled the time when she was “ignited” by the previous seniors, “When I received the candle from a senior, I was overwhelmed with emotion and felt that a great responsibility had been bestowed upon me and my class to continue the long tradition of APU and pledge to honor the school that we have been attending.”

Congratulations to Uyen Ho for achieving this excellent accomplishment. Be invincible and unstoppable as you fly into the new horizon.