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Alumni Success Story

Nguyen Vu Thao Vy – Ivy

12/10/2022 665




Nguyen Vu Thao Vy - Ivy is an alumna of APU Ho Chi Minh City. After graduating from high school, Class of 2018, Ivy was awarded scholarships of up to 123,000 USD from the University of Missouri Kansas City - UMKC, The American University in Vietnam - AUV, and Arizona State University - ASU. Ivy chose ASU as the next destination for her academic path, carrying her passion for scientific research from her days at APU. Ivy chose the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, a field of great promise but also full of challenges for an international student from Vietnam like Ivy.

Ivy said that bringing to ASU was those days filled with memories with Lucie, Helen, Peter, and Napu, her best friends at APU. Thankful to have APU as a platform, she set her mind on making a good mark at ASU, one of the most prestigious universities (ASU has topped U.S. News & World Report’s “Most Innovative Schools” since 2016, #18 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, #121 in the Best Colleges is National Universities list), and is APU's joint partner in the United States.

 Pressure has become a driving force to push Ivy at university. Last July, Ivy couldn't help but feel emotional while talking about APU, especially sharing her gratitude towards Dr. Tran Nguyen Thy Binh. After four years of studying, she graduated with honors - Summa Cum Laude. She was awarded the Moeur Award certificate, a prestigious certification for the most outstanding graduates, with the condition that they must maintain excellent academic records throughout eight continuous terms at ASU.

 By constantly putting effort into her study, Ivy is well-trusted within her faculty. For four years in a row, she worked as a math assistant for the school; while mastering the knowledge she had learned, she helped the younger students with their lessons. Currently, our friend is pursuing a master's degree for her future scientific career.

Wishing Ivy good health, staying strong, and success in her studies. The APU family will always miss you. Thank you for honoring APU in America. You were, always and forever, a part of the APU family.