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Alumni Success Story

Pham Ngoc Bach

29/04/2022 691


Pham Ngoc Bach is an APU alumnus who graduated from the class of 2009 at his 11th grade and was eligible for direct admission to Central Washington University with TOEFL, IELTS or SAT waiving. Taking this chance, Bach went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management from Central Washington University and secured his job as a Senior Supply Chain Analyst at Boeing, one of the world’s largest aircraft manufacturers.

When being asked about his job, Bach stated that working in a large and professional environment like Boeing is a huge challenge that requires both his professional capacity and his leadership ability. Bach has the confidence and passion to face any challenges that arise while working in a highly competitive environment such as Boeing thanks to a solid foundation of skills learned at APU. With such commitment, Bach has now become one of the core members of Boeing’s team, consisting of talented professionals from all over the world. While working, Ngoc Bach also continued his studies and received a Master’s degree in “Project Management” from the University of Washington. This is a tremendous honor for Bach’s tireless efforts.

When talking about his achievements, Ngoc Bach always emphasizes the solid foundations of knowledge and skills that he has developed during his time as an APU student: “At APU, students who want to develop must actively explore and create in order to find solutions to all problems. Furthermore, the ability to freely debate and defend his points of view with teachers allows Bach to practice critical thinking and boost his confidence. I always try my best to step out of my comfort zone as it will make me grow up and ready to face the expected challenges in this 4.0 world”.

Hopefully, Bach’s experiences will inspire and push every one of us to continue pursuing our dreams and to have faith in the road we have chosen. Wish Ngoc Bach will be more and more successful and always be the pride of APU!